Conference Papers






Abraham, Mary

Social Institutions and Global Environmental Change- A Case Study of Agricultural Farming, South Kanara, India.



Ahmed, Ahsan Uddin

Enhancing Adaptive Governance Towards Managing Climate Change Induced Floods: Redefining Roles of People-Centric Institutions in Bangladesh.



Aksoy, Zuhre

The Conservation of Crop Genetic Resources: Problems of Equity.



Alstine, James van

Institutions for the Evironmental Gvernance of Multinational Corporations: The Evolution of Corporate Environmentalism in South Africa.



Andonova, Liliana B.; Betsill, Michele; & Bulkeley, Harriet


Transnational Governance for Climate Change.


Andresen, Steinar

Global Environmental Governance: is the United Nations the Only Solution?



Arthur, Jones Lewis

The Traditional Societies for Sustainable Development of Human Society: the case of Ghana.



Arzt, Katja

The Dynamic Influences of Institutions and Design-Principles on the Outcomes of a Participatory Process.


PAPER / Presentation

Asselt, Harro van

Achieving Unity within Diversity: Interactions Between the Climate Regime and the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate



Backstrand, Karin

Legitimacy of Public-Private Multilateralism.



Balsiger, Joerg

Regionalism Reconsidered: the Alpine Convention as a Model of Earth System Governance.


PAPER / Presentation 

Basnet, Khadga

Effectiveness of Community-Based Conservation Across Scales: A Case Study from the Nepal Himalaya.


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Bauer, Steffen

Bridges or Barriers? International Bureaucracies and the Quest for Effective International Environmental Governance.



Beller-Simms, Nancy

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Climate Research within the US Federal Government.



Benecke, Gudrun; Friberg, Lars; Lederer, Markus & Schröder Miriam


From Public Private Partnership to market: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as a new mode of governance in climate protection


PAPER / Presentation

Berg, Annukka

Innovative or unambitious environmental governance? Analysing three forerunner programmes of sustainable consumption and production.



Bernstein, Steven; Cashore, Ben; & Bartley, Tim


A Theory of Non-State Market Driven (NSMD) Governance Emergence and Institutionalism.


Biermann, Frank

´Earth system governance´ as a crosscutting theme of global change research



Biermann, Frank; Pattberg, Philipp; Mert, Ayşem; & Chan, Man-San Sander


Earth System Governance without Governments? An Assessment of the Role and Relevance of Transnational Public-Policy Networks.


Biermann, Frank; Pattberg, Philipp; van Asselt, Harro; & Zelli, Fariborz


Fragmentation vs Universalism? Assessing Options for the Polity of Post-2012 Global Climate Governance.


Bled, Amandine

Global environmental politics, regulation for or against the private sector? The case of the negotiations for an international regime on Access and Benefit Sharing.



Bongardt, Daniel

Analysing Environmental Multi-level and Cross-sector Policy Processes. The Case of Strategic Environmental Assessment in Europe and the Process of Greening German Transport Planning.



Borges da Cunha, Kamyla; Rei, Fernando; Walter, Arnaldo César


Sub-National Climate-Friendly Governance Initiatives in the Developing World: a Case Study of the State of São Paulo, Brazil



Bouwer, Laurens; Huitema, Dave; & Aerts, Jeroen


Flood insurance systems in Europe and their relationship to physical, socio-economic and institutional environments.


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Boykoff, Maxwell

Mass Media and the Climate Science-Policy Interface: Comparative Analyses in the United States and United Kingdom.


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Brown, Halina S.; Lessidrenska, Teodorina; & de Jong, Martin


Can the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Become a Global Institution for Sustainable Development?


Bulkeley, Harriet

How Do Networks Govern? Agency Beyond the State and the Governing of Climate Change.



Busch, Per-Olaf

The Climate Secretariat: Making a Living in a Straitjacket.



Busch, Per-Olaf; & Jacob, Klaus & Künkel, Nana

Pioneers in Governance for Sustainable Development. Proposal for a Theoretical Framework.



Chan, Man-San Sander

The Emergence of Transnational Public Policy Networks: The Case of WSSD Partnerships.


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Chidiak, Martina; Carlino, Hernan; & Perczyk, Daniel


The Challenge of a Global Mechanism for Climate-related Technology.


Compagnon, Daniel

Engaging the State: Private Actors and Transcalar Advocacy Coalitions.



Coninck, Heleen de

Why Rational Design of International Institutions for Climate Change Requires Technology.


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Cuppen, Eefje; Leemans, Rik; Hisschemöller, Matthijs & Stalpers Serge

WEnhancing the use of scientific knowledge in participatory integrated assessments.



Dedeurwaerdere, Tom


Dynamic Efficiency and Global Change.



Dingwerth, Klaus; & Pattberg, Philipp

Structure and Agency Beyond the State: The Organisational Field of Transnational Rule-Making.



Dommelen, Art van

Stakeholder involvement for the sustainable development of industrial biotechnology.



Driesen, David M.

Sustainable Development and Market Liberalism´s Shotgun Wedding: Emission Trading Under the Kyoto Protocol.


PAPER / Presentation

Duit, Andreas

Governance in a ´Wired World´- Emerging Issues in Governance Theory.


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Elliot, Lorraine

Illicit Authority and Transnational Environmental Crime: the ´Dark Side´ of Private Authority in Earth System Governance.



Falaleeva, Maria

Participation for Sustainable Biodiversity Management in a Post-communist Country: International Agencies Acting in Local Settings.



Feindt, Peter H.

Sustainable Agriculture Through Trade Negotiations? How the WTO Regime Influences the Environmental Impact of Agricultural Production.



Fischhendler, Itay

Constructive or Destructive Ambiguity in Treaty Design: the Case of the Israeli-Jordanian Water Agreement.



Fischhendler, Itay

Unilateral Environmentalism: Wastewater Treatment Along the Israeli-Palestinian Border.



Fritsch Oliver; & Newig, Jens

Under Which Conditions Does Public Participation Really Advance Sustainability Goals? Findings of a Meta-Analysis of Stakeholder Involvement in Environmental Decision Making.


PAPER / Presentation

Galaz, Victor

The Politics of Collapsing Ecosystems: How Political Systems Respond to Cascading Effects and Interacting Thresholds in Social-Ecological Systems.



Glock-Grueneich, Nancy; & Nurse, Leanne


Building Capacity for a Liveable Future: Towards Coherence in the Theory of Public Participation.


Gross, Catherine

A Justice Framework to Increase Understanding of Perceptions of Fairness in Environmental Decision Making.


PAPER / Presentation

Grothmann, Torsten; & Siebenhüner, Bernd


Reflexive Governance and Adaptation to Climate Change- A Micro-Level Approach.



Guay, Louis

A Socio-Technical Controversy in Forest Policy : Understanding and Managing Large Forest Systems in Canada.



Günther, Dirk

Factors and impacts of participatory approaches to successful development of management indicators in integrated water resource management.


PAPER / Presentation

Gulbrandsen, Lars H.

Accountability Arrangements in Transnational Standards Organisations: Imitation and Instrumental Design.



Gunningham, Neil

Regulatory Reform Beyond Command and Control.



Gupta, Aarti

What Makes an Effective Global Regime? Access and Benefit Sharing under the Convention on Biological Diversity.



Gupta, Joyeeta

The Evolution of Global Water Governance.



Harris, Paul G.

Foreign Policy Processes and Earth System Governance: Linkages Between International and National Institutions.



Hertin, Julia; Jordan, A; Nilsson, M; Nykvist, B; Russel, D; & Turnpenny, J.


Rationalising the Policy Mess? The Role of Ex-Ante Policy Assessment in Four Countries.


Hinkel, Jochen

Building on Local Experiences for Designing Adaptation Strategies: A Meta-Analysis of Vulnerability and Adaptation Cases.


PAPER / Presentation 

Hoffman, Matthew J.

Contesting the Governance of Climate Change: A Research Agenda for Examining Experiments in Climate Governance



Huang, Jin; & Abt, Robert C.

Forest Management Adaptation to Climate Change and Extreme Events.



Huitema, Dave; & Meijerink, Sander


Theories of Transitions in Water Management.

PAPER / Presentation 

Hussey, Karen

The Globalisation of Environmental Codes of Practice in the Agricultural Sector: One Size Doesn´t Fit All.



Interwies, Eduard; & Goerlach, Benjamin, and Newcombe, Jodi

Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Environmental Policies: Theoretical Aspirations and Lessons from European Practice for Global Governance.


PAPER / Presentation 

Ishii, Atsushi; & Okubo, Ayako

How do Scientists Learn to Conduct Sciences for Sustainability? An Analytical Framework and the Importance of Context.



Janakarajan, S.

Adaptations of fishing communities to coastal disasters (including tsunami) and industrialization led disasters: The experience of Coramandel coast of India.



Janssen, Marco

Scholarly Networks on Resilience, Vulnerability and Adaptation Within the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change: an Update.



Kanie, Norichika

Consolidating the Kyoto Protocol and APP?: A perspective for Post-2012 Institutional Architecture from Political Analysis of Struggles in Japan 


PAPER / Presentation 

Karlsson, Sylvia

Governing Earth Symptoms or the Earth System? Tensions in Building Global Governance Where None Is (Supposed) to be Found.



Keilbach, Patricia Maria

Adaptive Responses to Multilateral Environmental Accords: Bringing the Local Back In.



Kerk, Geurt van de

A new comprehensive index for sustainable development: the IDS.


PAPER / Presentation

Keskitalo, E. Carina H.

Can Arctic Governance Support Regional Climate Change Adaptation?



Keskitalo, E. Carina H.

A methodology for stakeholder-based vulnerability assessments of global change.



Kiarie-Makara, Martha W

Case Study on How Non-State Environmental Governance in Kenya Has Worked to Protect the Environmental Resources in Kenya.



Klintman, Mikael; Holmberg, Gustav; & Kronsell, Annica


From Food Conservation Technologies and Safety Standards to Food Sustainability.


Kranz, Nicole & Vorwerk, Antje


Public Participation in Transboundary Water Management.


PAPER / Presentation

Kolk, Ans; & Pinkse, Jonatan


Private actors and the governance of climate change


Kumar, P. Senthil

Integration of Formal and Semi-formal Local Governance Systems to Ensure Accountability, Transparency, and Legitimacy for Sustainable Development in India.



Lamers, Machiel & Amelung, Bas

Self-regulation of tourism in Antarctica: exploring the conditions for success and failure



Lancaster, Justin

Integrated Monitoring and Management (M3) Methodology Applied to Governance of Global Energy Resources and Global Energy Use.



Laes, Erik

Can Habermas Be Used to Legitimise New Governance Approaches in the Field of Radioactive Waste Management?


PAPER / Presentation

Lawrence, Anna

Privatising Forest Governance in Romania.



Lawrence, Anna; & Molteno, Star

The UK Biodiversity Action Plan as Democratised Conservation?



Lehtonen, Markku

Biofuels Transition and Global Governance: Lessons from Brazil.



Lesniewska, Feja

The Challenges to the Development of Effective Adaptation in Forest Law and Governance.



Levin, Kelly

Enhancing Governance of Biodiversity in a Changing Climate.



Levine, Tamara

The Reform of Global Environmental Governance: Insights from Complex Systems Theory  



Lindquist, Eric

Climate Change and Adaptive Strategies in Sub-national Transportation Planning Agencies in the United States.


PAPER / Presentation

Logar, Ivana & Tabara, Joan David

How to cope with the boom of tourism industry? An assessment of economic and market-based policy instruments on the case of Crikvenica, Croatia



Lövbrand, Eva & Nordqvist, Joakim

Everyone Loves a Winner: Expectations and Realisations in the emerging CDM market.


PAPER / Presentation 

Mann, Philipp; & Liverman, Diana

An Empirical Study of Climate Mitigation Commitments and Achievements by Non-State Actors.



Masaru, Yarime

Possibilities and Challenges in Establishing Sustainability Science: Design of Data and Information Commons.



Massey, Eric; Berkhout, Frans; & Huitema, Dave


Climate Change Adaptation Policies in Action.


Matczak , Piotr; Flachner, Zsuzsanna & Werners, Saskia E.


Institutions for Adapting to Climate Change in the Tisza River Basin


PAPER / Presentation

McNeeley, Shannon

Climate Change and Variability in Interior Alaska: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Data Integration for Understanding Regional Patterns Relevant to Stakeholders.



Meitz, Christopher

Towards a Global Carbon Market: Legal and Economic Challenges of Linking Different Entity Level Emissions Trading Schemes.



Menniken, Timo

First Come First Serve? Hydrological Regionalism in the Mekong and the Nile Basin in a comparative perspective.



Menniken, Timo

Lessons from the Mekong: China´s Performance in Transboundary Water Governance.



Mert, Ayşem; & Chan, Man-San Sander


The Role of Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Influencing Existing Constructions of Legitimacy.


Mirza, Monirul

Climate Change, Adaptation, and Adaptive Governance in Water Sector South Asia.



Mitchell, Tom

Deliberative and Inclusive Processes for Building Disaster Resilience: Lessons from Future Searches on St. Kitts and Monterrat.



Moehner, Annett

The Global Environment Facility: the Funding for Adaptation or Adapting to Funds?



Moellenkamp, Sabine; Lamers, Machiel; Ebenhöh, Eva


Institutional Settings for Adaptive Water Management. The Use of Conceptual Models for Comparing Two Case Studies in the Rhine Basin.


Moran, S

New Currents in Environmental Governance: Exploring the Foundations.



Morita, Kanako

A Study of the Financing System Possibilities for Adaptation to Climate Change.



Mukwaya, Paul Isolo

Experiences and Milestones in Carbon Governance in Kampala City Region: Challenges of Satisfying Global Concerns at the Local Level.



Papathanasiou, Jason; Muessner, Rainer & Manou, Dimitra

Governance processes for the protection of biodiversity across Europe.



Nainggolan, Doan

Visual discourse analysis as an alternative tool for exploring socio-ecological system management dynamics.



Nishiki, Mari

The Clean Development Mechanism and Local Sustainability.



Nordbeck, Ralf

Regional Institutions as Stepping Stones for Global Environmental Governance: Learning Lessons from the Pan-European ´Environment for Europe´ Process.



Nordbeck, Ralf; Kvarda, Eva; & Hogl, Karl

The Implementation of International Norms for Sustainability through National Strategies- Between International Intentions and Ambiguous Domestic Effects.



Okereke, Chukwumerije; Bulkeley, Harriet; Haxeltine, Alex; & Liverman, Diana


Conceptualising the Role of Non-State Actors in Global Climate Change Governance Beyond the International Regime.

PAPER / Presentation

Olsson, Per; Gunderson, Lance H; Carpenter Steve R; Ryan Paul; Lebel Louis; Folke Carl; & Holling, C.S.


Shooting the Rapids: Navigating Transitions to Adaptive Governance of Social-Ecological Systems.


O´Neill, Kate

From Stockholm to Johannesburg and Beyond: The Evolving Meta-Regime for Global Environmental Governance.



Osbahr, Henny

How Does Climate Change Impact Effective Development in Africa?



Pett, Jacky

The New Paradigm of Social Policy in European Climate Governance.



Pratono, Aluisius Hery; & Vita, Rosalia

Promoting Participatory Earth System Governance on Emergency Programme: Care of Earth Disaster in Indonesia.



Prodigo, Victor; & Dimzon, Alain Russ

Let Budding Leaders Bloom: Developing Accountable and Responsible Leadership Through an NGO-Managed School of Environmental Governance in the Philippines.



Prodigo, Victor; & Dimzon, Alain Russ

Wise Alternative to Eliminate Resistance (WATER) Tool: An Effective Approach in Resolving Conflict in Water.



Pulver, Simone; & VanDeveer, Stacey

Global Environmental Futures: A Research Agenda on the Practice and Politics of Scenarios.


PAPER / Presentation 

Rahaman, Muhammad Mizanur

Towards Integrated Water Resources Management along the Ganges Basin: An Analysis of Water Policies of the Riperian Countries.



Rauschmayer, Felix; Wittmer, Heidi & Paavola, Jouni

Multi-level Governance of Natural Resources: Tools and Processes for Water and Biodiversity Governance in Europe. A European Research and Training Network .


PAPER / Presentation

Richerzhagen, Carmen; & Scholtz, Imme

Climate-relevant Capacities in China, India, and Brazil: the Road from National Policies to Global Commitments.



Roggero, Matteo

Balkan Black Box- Transparency and Accountability in Central (and Eastern) European Water Concessions.


PAPER / Presentation

Rosendal, G. Kristin

Interest Coalitions and Conflict in Multi-lateral Regimes for the Conservation, Use, and Equitable Sharing of Benefits from Genetic Resources.



Santoro, Francesca

Information system for improved governance of coastal resources?



Santoso, Heru

A Rapid Vulnerability Assessment Method for Designing National Strategies and Plans of Adaptation to Climate Change and Climate Variability.



Sarfati, Gilberto

The Third Chessboard: How Multinational Companies Influence International Environmental Governance.



Sarkar, Atanu

Participatory Governance and Inter-sector Coordination for Sustainable Solutions of Arsenic Contamination of Ground Water in India: An Explorative Study.


PAPER / Presentation

Schröder, Miriam

NGO Impact on Chinese Climate Change Politics.


PAPER / Presentation

Schuele, Ralf

Linked Domestic Emissions Trading Schemes and the Evolution of the International Climate Regime: Bottom up support of top down processes?



Seegers, Mathijs

The relevance of global environmental governance for business actors. More smoke than fire: A case study of Dutch multinational firms.



Sheppard, Stephen R. & Shaw, Alison

Future Visioning of Local Climate Change Scenarios: Connecting the Dots and Painting Pictures.



Singhal, Rekha

Changing Models of Environmental Governance in India: Adaptation or Revolution?



Smith, Adrian; & Kern, Florian

Coalition Formations and Governance Innovations: Analysing the ´Transitions Approach´ to Sustainability in the Netherlands.


PAPER / Presentation

Soares, Munir Younes; de Cassia Oliveira, Margareth; Bonomi, Clara Barufi; Bermannand, Célio; and Parente, Virginia


The Biodiesel Programme.


Stalpers, Serge I.P.

Willingness-to-use Assessments of Models for Climate Policy.


PAPER / Presentation 

Stringer, Lindsay; & Bauer, Steffen

The Global Governance of Desertification: What Role for Science?



Tarradell, Mireia

Alter-perception of International Organisationsí Relevance as Required Indicator for Assessing Bureaucratic Power: Results from a Stakeholder Survey on Nine International Environmental Organisations.



Ten Have, Claudia

Interlinkages: The Global Environmental Facility as Policy Conduit.



Timmer, Vanessa

Influencing the Governance of Global Resource Use: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Transnational Civil Society Campaigns for Sustainable Consumption and Production.



Torre-Castro, Maricela


Institutions and Governance: Challenges from Below.


Uyigue, Etiosa

Climate Change and Poverty: Sustainable Approach in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.



Valkering, Pieter


New tools for Integrated Sustainability Assessment: The World Cellular Water Game


PAPER / Presentation

Volkery, Axel; & Ribeiro, Teresa

Prospective Environmental Analysis of Land-use Development in Europe: From Participatory Scenarios to Long-term Strategies.



Vries, Walter T de

The Inter-organisational Dependencies of Local and National Land Information Infrastructures case study of Bekasi, Indonesia.



Werners, Saskia E.; Flachner, Zsuzsanna;Matczak, Piotr & Falaleeva Maria


Drivers, Barriers and Opportunities for Adaptive Floodplain Governance in the Hungarian Tisza River Basin



Wilson, Lynn A.

Examining values and consensus potential of actors in the US ocean policy discourse.



Oran R. Young

Institutions for Sustainable Development: Findings from the IDGEC Research Programme



Zaag, Pieter van de; & Gupta, Joyeeta


Scale Issues in the Governance of Water Storage Projects.



Zeijl-Rozema, A. van;Cörvers, R.; & Kemp, R


Governance for Sustainable Development: Exploring and Linking Concepts.

PAPER / Presentation 

Ziegenbalg, Cora

Preference Formation in International Organisations. The European Commission and its Preference Change with Regard to the Flexible Kyoto Mechanisms.



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